Walking out of the gym and lighting up a cigarette (which I did more times than I’d like to admit) is definitely the opposite of the “post workout” recovery we are going for! We spend a lot of time talking about diet and exercise here on Nerd Fitness, but if you’re a smoker, quitting smoking is the best thing that you can do to level up your fitness.

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Don’t reward yourself with cake or something unhealthy, but rather reward yourself with something that encourages you to continue down this new path to awesomeness.

The most important thing to do when quitting smoking is to believe in yourself, change your habits, and not stay down if you fall.

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If you are quitting smoking and have any medical concerns, or experience extreme depression, please contact your doctor ASAP. In the twelve years I smoked (on average about a pack a day), I tried hundreds of different ways to quit, and was never successful for more than a few weeks at a time until I finally found the proper mixture of the solutions.

It’s now been over six years since my last cigarette, and I have no doubts that I’ll never have one again.It was something I really wanted, but at 0 a month I couldn’t afford both Cross Fit AND smoking, so as long as I didn’t smoke, I could keep my membership at Cross Fit.As we like to say, reward yourself with things that reward you back.Like everything at Nerd Fitness, this isn’t a prescription, but rather “this is what has worked for me, for many members of our community, and we’re here to help you if you want to try.” Note: This is not medical advice, but you knew that, right?These below are suggestions on how to quit smoking from someone who has gone through it and wants to help. So why are some people more successful at cutting out nicotine than others?