Redemption is a Zino pipe dream for celebrity and a wet dream for rap thuggery. Daz Dillinger & Jewel)- I dont know which verse was worse Daz's or Benzino's ok its a tie 1/510. Mario Winans)- Not that bad of a song, has a pretty good R&B hook from Mario Winans. Get It On- Not really sayin too much with this track, an upbeat type of beat but not really sayin much. But it was actually pretty good it took me until the second verse to figure out that he was talkin about a gun. Pull Your Skirt Up- Nice lil diss track vs Eminem, i think this is the one that really started their little war. Mario Winans, Lil Kim & Petey Pablo)- Pretty much the same as the original Benzino comes decent, Lil Kim has a good verse but Petey Pablo just brings the whole track down. Bonus track- Im not sure about the name of this one cuz its not listed in the credits or on the back of the cd, but this was actually an aight track he should have included it on the album as a regular track.

The best part is bar none the guest contributions, but it's Redemption by Benzino, not Benzino and super friends, so Zino doesn't get the kick backs or credit for those other people's efforts. to the fallen homies type track, Fatal brings it on his verse. Although Eminem came back, you still can't take away the fact that Benzino did attack Eminem pretty nicely. 3/5Overall: We've seen very bad and very biased reviews of this album(Rolling Stone). It's funny how i reviewed it myself and scored all the tracks myself and when i averaged them out myself i came up a 3.

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Her appearances thus far were impressive, but Lisa Raye's career truly began to ignite after her appearance in the movie The Wood (1999).

In 2000, Lisa Raye found her widest audience yet as the host of Source: All Access (2002), a popular series dedicated to exploring hip-hop culture.

With 17 songs, 8 are good, 4 or 5 are ok, and 4 or 5 I skip. Production is pretty good, Hangmeng 3 do 6 songs, Mario Winans does 4, Moel , L. S., LT Hutton, Poke & Tone, and Gary Smith all do 1 song and Tone Capone does 2. Wyclef & M3)- Wyclef shines on this song, he should rhyme more grimey like all of the time.

If you're a fan of Ray or Made Men then get it other wise I'd skip over this one.#1 - 9 (f/ Famil -- nice beat)#2 - 8.5 (f/ Jadakiss)#3 - 4 (f/ mario Winans & Lo -- worst song on here and it was the single)#4 - 6.5 (f/ Marion Winas & Lisa Raye)#5 - 7.5#6 - 7 (f/ Wyclef and Mike Mc Neil)#7 - 8 (f/ Caddillac Tah & Black Child -- nice beat)#8 - 8 (f/ Hussein Fatal & Kid Javi)#9 - 8.5 (f/ Daz Dillinger & Jewell)#10 - 8 (f/ mario Winans)#11 - 6#12 - 8 (f/ Scarface & Mik Mc Neil)#13 - 7 (f/ Chris Peart)#14 - 5 (f/ Lovher)#15 - 8 (dissin Eminem)#16 - 4.5 (f/ Marion Winans, Lil Kim, Petey Pablo, Lo -- remix of #3)#17 - 5.5 (f/ ?? Mario Winans & Lisa Raye)- Not that great of a song it was ok, i think Lisa Raye's verse was good. Make You Wanna Holla- This track was pretty decent, just kind of clearing some things off his mind.

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Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: Benzino's sophomore solo album, Redemption, is the first of three albums in a row by him that are sadly two-star caliber, the two poor follow-ups being Arch Nemesis and The Antidote. He has never been a skillful lyricist, just vulnerable to mainstream hip hop marketing campaigns and sell-out formulas.)Raymond Scott -- Boston, Mass Check all my reviews First off i wanna send a :fu4: to the Rolling Stone and others for their clearly biased reviews. Mario Winans)- The single from this album, not much more than a pretty catchy party-type song(WHOA! Second I want to let it be known that I am not the biggest fan of club joints which accounts for atleast 6 or 7 tracks and it WILL show in my review.1. Jadakiss)- Jada helps this track out with 2 solid verses. Her screen debut was in the low-budget action movie Reasons (1996), she received numerous critical kudos despite the fact that the film went largely unseen.Lisa Raye is known for possessing a charmingly seductive smile and a distinctively vibrant but laid-back personality.After a heated fued with Eminem, Ray came back with a new album and the way it sounds he'd have been better off not doing so. Caddillac Tah & Black Child)- This song is pretty much horrible, probably the worst on the album 1/58. It's also better than alot of rap albums that are hitting the shelves these days.3/5If your a fan of club songs and comercial tracks maybe even a 4/5!