We met under the clock in Glasgow Central Station, for a drink at noon.

We talked and laughed for the whole date an Read more Date 21/06/2017 Very happy to have joined match.

However, shortly after joining I started exchanging emails with this one person and we agreed to meet up for a coffee a few weeks later. We laugh so much together and care for each other, spending so many tender times.

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I was a little unsure as he didn't have a profile picture but I decided what will it hurt.

was a wonderful starting place for us as we lived 90 minutes from each other in rural Michigan.

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We've been together ever since and are getting married on the 23rd June 2017. Took a few winks then started chatting Aug 2015 and still together today! Read more Date 21/06/2017 I had not expected to find love, in fact I hit a repetitive renew button from a much older subscription from match by mistake.

Within days of acknowledging my mistake I received a wink from a very handsome young man.

We met twice and then had a break and continued to message on match. She is the best thing that has ever happened to Read more Date 18/05/2017 My name is Karen and on the 6th of May 2016 I met Simon on match. Going on match allowed me to meet the love of my li Read more Date 18/05/2017 I spotted him. It change Read more Date 10/04/2017 I met my now fiancé on just over a year ago.