No one complains about such kills, but they don’t match the bliss of seeing a super-cap explode.However, today was an especially good day for the AAA members who have been actively hunting x XDEATHXx evacuees.

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Tonight, something magical happened in Etherium Reach.

In AAA, we will forever remember this day fondly as “Operation Etherium Reach-Around.” It will come as a shock to no one that this name was chosen by eccentric Maverick Navy CEO Avicenna Sarfaraz.

Things started off with a relatively small-scale conflict between the DRF and AAA/Nulli in LXQ2-T, with Xx Death Xx forming a dread and carrier fleet to kill a Stain Empire POS that was coming out of reinforced mode.

Xxdeath Xx added two titans to their POS-killing fleet, something that caused AAA spies to raise an eyebrow.

Presumably, the Xx Deathx X FC was eager to add more muscle to their rather unimpressive fleet of about a dozen carriers, half a dozen dreads, and a small support fleet hitting the Stain Empire Po S.

An Avatar and Erebus were on field when AAA showed up solo, with only 60 sub-caps, but the Avatar cyno’d out at the first sign of trouble. Once he was tackled by AAA’s Oracle gang, Nulli rushed to support their allies with a swiftly-traveling Naga fleet.

At the outset, let me tip my hat to Mukk Barovian, Perseus Kallistratos, Makalu Zarya, and James Kordent.

These four FCs really pulled a rabbit out of a hat tonight, in more ways than one.

I mean, the Harpy does get an optimal range bonus of 10% per Caldari Frigate skill level, and 10% per Assault Ships skill level, but that doesn't matter, right?