Another disgruntled Dem of the Senior Alligator variety also unloaded on both Grisham and Apodaca: Whoever is on the Lujan Gisham team that is advising her to unload her opposition research on Jeff Apodaca in December of 2017 is really missing the mark. The two candidates for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination are now on nasty terrain over competing charges of sex harassment.

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After two terms of a brutal Martinez administration, I could finally feel the winds of change coming to NM's government.

While Grishom and Apodaca battle over sex related issues, New Mexicans would rather hear how these candidates, if elected, would approach the serious problems we face day to day.

Oldman’s visage as Churchill is powerful, complex, and thoroughly dominates this picture.

Joe Wright’s direction and writer Anthony Mc Carten’s script allowed Oldman to play the role of a lifetime.

Instead, she jumped in the lagoon with Jeff the swamp creature. JACK'S TRACKS Our mention of the 45th anniversary this month of the moonwalk by astronaut and former NM GOP US Senator Harrison "Jack" Schmitt brought this comment from Jodi Mc Ginnis Porter, his former PR staffer for his short-lived stint as the state's secretary for energy and minerals: Senator Schmitt never refused a background check by the Senate Rules Committee. That sent the tongues wagging and they were wagging again when Apodaca was accused by a Grisham supporter of making an unwanted advance: A political supporter of Lujan Grisham accused (Apodaca) of attempting to kiss her on the mouth at a social event.

It's Christmas for God's sake and no one wants to read about alleged missed kisses at whiffleball games or offended intern disputes. Tell us about your economic plan or why you are less of a hot mess than Susana Martinez (because you both are starting to make us wonder. As a former United States astronaut he has had top secret government security clearances and is not new to background checks. Marianna Anaya, 28, of Albuquerque said that Apodaca tried to kiss her on the mouth earlier this year at a whiffle ball game in Santa Fe that brought together staff from the Democratic Party and the American Federation of Teachers.He says there are some outstanding films of a political bent to pick from: “Darkest Hour” (PG-13) ***** Stars out of 5.Feast your eyes on Gary Oldman’s tour de force and Oscar worthy Churchillian performance in Darkest Hour.Toro’s bottom line is this: "What if the creature gets the girl? Toro breaks all the horror/fantasy/romance genre rules, such as they are, to propel ‘Water’ as a commentary about sex and disability today.As an added bonus, expect African-American actress Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures, 2016) to make Oscar history in 2018 in her role as Zelda.You be the judge if the Shape of Water is just and humane. We'll have to wait for a film highly anticipated by the political community. This Steven Spielberg historic epic is based on actual events from 1971 involving Katherine Graham, publisher of the Washington Post.