the problem with these registries is that it takes about 24 hours for the updates to go through..sometimes the updates never happen..

I'm convinced they just want people to spend more money so they don't update in time ;-) TIRAMISU--I live in Washington DC and am registered at Buy Buy Baby.

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Even items that you add to your registry online show up in the list incorrectly (for example, I click to add a green bottle and it shows up as blue in the list).

Also, I ordered something from my list in my mom's name (she's not very computer savvy, so she asked me to order it for her).

The items must be shipped to an address within the United States.

To place an order from a registry with a billing address outside of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom, please choose from the options listed below: Order via telephone: -Our 24 hour e Service Center can accept International purchases over the phone.

I’m positive they were the ones she registered for so I guess this can happen often.

Yeah I can understand if they didn't mention the registry but they must have since I saw it said "Registry # blahblahblah" on the receipt...

Does anyone know about this: if a guest purchases an item online do they only have the option to ship the gift to us?

We have guests who shopped online but would like to bring the gift to the shower.

Identify the couple you are looking for and click on their name to view their registry.

Our website accepts credit cards with billing addresses within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom.

We registered at Kohls because we have never had a problem shopping there and they always have a good selection.