If you can master the native language sufficiently (or take an immersion course when you arrive for 6 months), you can often get a job at a language school, or company needing bi-lingual workers or professionals.

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Our top two choices would be New Zealand (NZ) and Costa Rica (CR) with Malaysia coming in 3rd.

NZ and CR are both beautiful countries and pretty much self-sufficient in needed resources.

I’m just not sure it can resist the tendency for islam to become more intrusive and radical. Overall I’d suggest doing some research and find a few contenders. More importantly, if the youth I saw at the malls and high schools are any indication of the future leadership of our country; we are in serious trouble.

With less than 50% of our youth even graduating from High School, how do we stand a chance.

Singapore is nice if you want to live in one big city. You apply for it, and if you meet the criteria, you get a 10 yr, unlimited entry visa. You need to keep about $30,000 USD in a local bank account, buy a home that costs at least $175,000 USD, and have an income of $3,000 a month. The program is relatively new and the government hasn’t seem to have chosen which expat group they’re really targeting: rich foreigners, well off investors, or retirees with more modest moola.

The country is beautiful and fairly cheap to live in.

For those seeking to move outside of the United States, figuring out the best country to move to can be a very daunting task.

There are a ton of social, cultural, economic and safety issues to be considered.

In addition, those who have never been outside of North America should not underestimate the severe “culture shock” that can take place when moving to another nation.

While moving outside of the United States may seem like an attractive alternative, the truth is that it is not easy and it is not something to be done lightly.

The initial exam by an orthopedic surgeon, xrays, and a soft cast cost about USD! The worry that the country will become too islamic. Gringo in Brazil: I recently made the move to Brazil with my family based primarily on the social and economic factors I witnessed and experienced.