It shows the updated records on page refresh or second time some changes are made.

Hope that provides the best possible view of my issue!!! Thanks Hello Carlos, The grid might hang up if you call the Data Bind method in the ASPx Grid View. However, in the suggested example only the Data Source property is defined. Since my solution did not help you, could you please try the following scenario: 1.

I am adding Grid Check Box Columns in the columns collection.

Everything works fine except that the gridview never gets refreshed first time.

Using your approch I have rebound the grid in its customcallback event. Like I said only the visibile value are updated, for example the one in the current page, but no update are made for the value in the other pages.

The combo in the menu filter is correctly filled while the header filter (that autofill itself using the data from the grid, does not).

Thanks, Vest Hello Vest, My apologies for misunderstanding. Please refer to the Dev Website Terms of Use for more information.

I have some more information that maybe will help you solve my problem. Update seems to work if the updated value is visibile on the page, while the grid seem uneffected if the value is not visible. Actually it changed nothing even thought the purpose was the same.

If I bind data in Before Perform Data Select Data Bound event is called recursively and I encounter overflow error which is obvious in this case.

So can you please suggest what can be the best approach to do the same (as mentioned in the description in my first post). Aspx Grid View Design: Specify the Command Columns and other certain columns from Table1 (Four of them will be there always).

grid2 updated (test1 became test2): if grid1 is on page 1 test1 is not updated, if grid 1 is on page 3 test 1 became test2. Hi Alberto, Please explore the solution from the attached example E70. If not, please provide a sample project illustrating your issue in action. Thanks, Serge Hi Serge, thanks for your reply but that doesn't solve my problem.