As noted in the previous tutorial, you can use the validation summary and the individual error messages in various combinations.Notice again that the page appears, make changes to the movie and click Submit Changes.

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NET Core RC2 has some high level themes: This is the biggest one and there are quite a few changes and tweaks made to the hosting model to support this.

The way your application boots up is completely different.

When the movie listing appears, make sure that your changes are shown.

To make sure that validation is working, click Edit for another movie.

Get Html( table Style: "grid", header Style: "head", alternating Row Style: "alt", columns: grid.

This example shows how to edit and update records in a Grid View in ASP. This example is helpful in situations where an administrator needs to edit several records from the database.

When you get to the page, clear the Genre field (or Year field, or both) and try to submit your changes.

You'll see an error, as you'd expect: Click the Return to movie listing link to abandon your changes and return to the @grid.

Clearly, you have to know the order to pass the parameters in.

(In Web Matrix, Intelli Sense can help you learn figure out the name, type, and order of the parameters.) As an alternative to passing values in order, you can use Named parameters are handy for a couple of situations, especially when a method takes many parameters.

For demonstration I have created a database (named Database.mdf) in which we have a table named tbl_Employee.