Here’s the THIRD part of a FIVE-PART SERIES on why it’s hard for asian guys to date white girls and do interracial dating.

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And so began my one-man journey as the black sheep of the family. Check out the documentary, “The Slanted Screen.” Until that inevitable day when the human race homogenizes into one single beige-colored race, there will always be stereotypes about different races. All that means is that you eliminated one less candidate. People aren’t scared to walk by you in the dead of night.

Asian guys are already at a social disadvantage and you can blame it on enduring stereotypes such as, but not limited to: being shy, being boring, being short, being “short” – all of which contribute to the de-sexualization of the Asian male in mainstream society. Asians suffer from the “model minority” stereotype – the blanket assumption that we’re all good at math, suck in bed, and are fragile “nancy boys” who don’t appeal sexually to women. And why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you either? Don’t let the crushing weight of some stupid cultural expectation wear you down and break you. Instead, reach down and grab some of that pent-up rage (I know you have some) and get pissed and punch culture square in the jaw and plant your flag in the soil. People generally trust you before they even get to know you, because they all assume we’re nice people, which we are, but you can take it a little further.

Let’s put it this way: Could you imagine taking your son or daughter to an under-qualified pediatrician who didn’t know what he was doing, but only cheated through medical school because he was scared to disappoint his Asian parents?

So you may be shy, skinny, short, hesitant, and as a result, you’ve grown discouraged and isolated yourself in front of your computer watching minutes fall off the clock, your life ending one agonizing minute at a time. And it’s even worse when one doesn’t possess the aptitude to excel in this very math-heavy field of study.

You will find IMMEDIATELY actionable tips you can use to stop sitting on your ass and get over to talking to the women you want.

Here’s the FIFTH part of a FIVE-PART SERIES on why it’s hard for asian guys to date white girls and do interracial dating.The scars of bullying stay with you and form this feeling of being inferior, Are you an asian guy that is obsessed with white girls?Let’s talk about this sh*t further and see if it’s holding you back from dating the women you want.So we can’t help it if we were born with kick-ass hair. Ironically, gay Asian guys have no problem hooking up and are highly sought after by EVERYONE in the gay community. I’ve had to turn down more gay men in my life than straight women, sad I know, but what does that tell you?Get yourself a slick, edgy haircut and some styling product. I can’t really teach you how to be that savvy conversationalist/smooth operator.*** LEVEL UP *** See if you’re a good fit for my coaching: *** STUFF YOU’D LIKE *Here’s the FOURTH part of a FIVE-PART SERIES on why it’s hard for asian guys to date white girls and do interracial dating.