Sales Executive As long as you’ve got the charm and can sell ice to Eskimos, that’s all you need to nab yourslef a sales job.

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Not that I would ever approve of such dastardly deeds.

Journalist While lots of journalists do have degrees or an NCTJ qualification, you can still break into the industry if you have enough writing talent and have gained experience doing internships.

Unfortunately internships are often unpaid and starting salaries can be as low as £12,000 but the average salary of a journalist is £30,998 with some columnists making six figures. Firefighter Being physically fit and a quick-thinker is more important than any qualification if you want to be a firefighter.

Here are the careers that offer the best pay prospects where you can use your skills to pay the bills – even if you haven’t studied at all.1.

Chicken Sexer It might sound like an odd career choice, but checking the gender of chickens can be surprisingly lucrative and you don’t need any experience or qualifications.The 66-year-old struggled with dyslexia and dropped out but he soon went on to start his first music business which became Virgin Records.Richard continued to grow his Virgin brand and today he's worth an estimated billion.Most skilled hackers are self-taught so it’s not an industry that requires exam results.Pay packets start at £35,000 a year, rising to as much as £90,000.9.The work is mainly overseas so anyone thinking of getting into mining has to be willing to work abroad – often places like South America, Australia and Africa.