In Stability and Support Operations (SASO) a user employs natural language as the interface medium of communication with life-sized Virtual Human Agents to perform a negotiation task.

This video demonstrates the Virtual Human system and its research components.

Human - belonging to man or mankind; having the qualities or attributes of a man; of or pertaining to man or to the race of man; as a human voice; human shape; human nature; human knowledge; human life.

Although we use chatbot as the main synonym on this website, please do not be confused.

Computer sense of “not physically existing but made to appear by software” is attested from 1959.

became restricted during XVIII for the senses (i) characterized by disposition or behaviour befitting a man (formerly specifically “gentle, courteous” XV-XVI), and (ii) pertaining to studies that tend to humanize or refine (XVII century).

Building embodied virtual humans is a complex multi-disciplinary effort that requires many components to be connected.

Interactive Media Group (i MG) at Carleton University is involved in active research on parameterization of facial personality and the relation of facial actions to the perception of personality in viewers.

The rapport project uses machine vision and prosody analysis to create Virtual Humans that can detect and respond in real-time to human gestures, facial expressions and emotional cues and create a sense of rapport.

The Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) of the USC has created a Virtual Human Toolkit with the goal of reducing some of the complexities inherent to creating Virtual Humans.

They are researching which actions can make Virtual Humans happier, angrier, or scared.

As you will notice, this project brings together research in intelligent tutoring, natural language recognition and emotional modelling, immersive graphics and audio.

Virtual Human, as presented on this video, constitutes behavior generation and character animation system for conversational simulations and training systems.