Error: Unable to resolve dependency for ':[email protected]/compile Classpath': Could not resolve project :library.DSL now needs to match the consumer in build type and flavors (and other attributes).For example, if a dependency did not include a dimension for ABIs, the "free X86Debug" version of your app would simply use the "free Debug" version of the dependency.

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Note that there is no issue when your app includes a flavor dimension that a library dependency does not.

That's because the plugin matches flavors of only the dimensions that exist in the dependency.

For instance, it is not possible to make a "debug" variant consume a "release" variant through this mechanism because the producer and consumer variants would not match.

(In this case, the name "debug" refers to the published configuration object mentioned above in the section about publishing dependencies.) Because the plugin now publishes two configurations, one for compiling and one for runtime, this old way of selecting one configuration no longer works.

For most projects, after you update Gradle and apply the latest version of the Android plugin, you'll experience none or only a few of the build errors described on this page.

If you do encounter a build error after updating the plugin, simply search this page for the error output or navigate to the related topic, and follow the instructions to resolve the issue.Also check out the following video for an overview of the migration steps.For a more complete list of updates and changes, read the Android plugin 3.0.0 release notes.The plugin now requires that all flavors belong to a named flavor dimension—even if you intend to use only a single dimension.Otherwise, you will get the following build error: property.To manually update your project, include the maven repo and change the plugin version in your project-level variant.