George William Carr, for services to the Stars Organisation supporting Action for People with Cerebral Palsy; Miss Beryl Jessie Carrington, reporter, Herts Advertiser; Mrs Sylvia Marjorie Rose Carter, lately Administrative Officer, Radiocommunications Agency, Department of Trade and Industry; Mrs Betty Cartman, for services to disabled people in Staffordshire; Ivan Samuel Caskey, for services to the fire service; Miss Beryl Jean Castles, lately personal secretary, Overseas Development Administration.

James Caunce, member, St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council; Mrs Vera Joyce Chandler, Department of the Environment; Mrs Sheila Rose Charles, for services to the NHS in South Glamorgan; Mrs Zena Averill Philomen Edmund-Charles, for services to the community in Leytonstone, London; Mrs Ann Charlton, Chairperson, East Cleveland Multiple Sclerosis Society; Miss Madeline Marjorie Chetham, for services to animal welfare in Devon.

Mrs Greta Rosemary Barnes, director, National Asthma Training Centre, Stratford- upon-Avon; Trevor Henry Bates, journalist, Daily Telegraph; Peter Andrew Beardsley, for services to football; Mrs Monica Lilian Becquet, chairman, Jersey Meals on Wheels Service; Philip Bell, postman, London; Miss June Mary Bennett, for services to elderly people and their carers in Hammersmith; Mrs Pek Yeong Berry, for services to race relations in Central Region; Hugh James Newton Bethell, GP, Farringdon, Hampshire.

Professor David Crystal, for services to the English language and to linguistics; Michael J Davey, regional secretary, Transport and General Workers Union; Allen Robert Leonard Davies, former secretary, Civil Litigation Committee, the Law Society; David Kenneth Lewis Davies, chairman, Cancer Research in Wales; Arthur Charles Henry Denny, for services to the De Montfort University, Leicester; David Henry Duff, Department of Employment; Miss Carol Ann Duffy, poet, for services to poetry; Michael Nicholas Duffy, head teacher, King Edward VI School, Morpeth; Dennis Dunn, port manager, Associated British Ports, Grimsby and Immingham.

Stephen George Dunster, treasurer, West Glamorgan County Council; Mrs Barbara Carol Eastland, for political and public service; Miss Joan Edmondson, Employment Service, Department of Employment; Robert Anthony Cowan Edridge, marketing director, Combat Systems Division, BAe SEMA; Mrs Clarice Estelle Norton Edwards, for political and public service; John Norman Ellis, former secretary, Council of Civil Service Unions; Ralph Emery, Vice-President, Canning House, for services to Anglo/Latin American Relations; David Acfield Emms, for services to education; Richard Kendall Corris Evans, Her Majesty's Treasury; T Alun Valentine Evans, for services to the community including Welsh language and culture in Powys.

Sydney Jones, chief executive, the Boys' Brigade, for services to young people; David Graham Keenleside, for services to the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology; Michael John Kendrick, director of transportation, Northamptonshire County Council; Arthur Henry William Kennard, president, National Committee of Valuation Tribunals; Mrs Joanna Alicia Gore Kennedy, associate director, Ove Arup and Partners.

John Patrick Kennedy, for legal services to the Band Aid Trust; Denis Patrick Gerard Keogh, deputy director, Northern Ireland Works Organisation; Abdul Qadeer Khan, head, South Yorkshire Waste Regulation Unit; Mohammed Akram Khan, Office for Standards in Education; Ronnie King, Chief Fire Officer, Dyfed County Fire Brigade, for services to the fire service; John Kingdom, Department of the Environment; Rosemary Davina Lady Kingsdown, former president, British Red Cross Society, Kent.

Bernard John Ashman, former governor, Her Majesty's Prison Ashwell; Ronald John Ashton, for political and public service; Mrs Margaret Olive Atkinson, for services to life saving in North East England; Mrs Alice Averis, for services to the Fox Green Gateway Club, Birmingham; Mrs Carole Ellen Baisden, director, Parentline; Derrick John Baker, senior storekeeper, Ministry of Defence; Donald Alfred Baker, for services to the community in Worcester; Mrs Mary Geraldine Baker, Director of Welfare Development, Parkinson's Disease Society.

Mrs Violet Minnie Baker, for services to the community in Old Windsor; Mrs Anna Teresa Bannigan, Administrative Assistant, Department of Health and Social Services; Stanley Albert Banting, Chairman of Governors, Bournville College of Further Education Corporation, Birmingham; Arthur Charlie Barker, Disability Consultant, Steering Developments; John Richard Barker, for services to the community in Louth, Lincolnshire; Mrs Sylvia Barker, lately Senior Information Officer, Central Office of Information; Mrs Dorothy Barnes, Department of Agriculture.

Mrs Sarah Edminson Black, member, Board of Visitors, HM Prison Acklington; William James Murray Black, Farms and Estates Director, Scottish Agricultural College, for services to agricultural education; Thomas Edwin Blagdon, Group Scout Leader, 1st Brixham Scout Group; Alfred George Blake, for services to the community in Aberporth, Dyfed; Harry Anthony Bleach, for services to the community in Chichester; Miss May Blood, for services to equal opportunities and to industrial relations; Jack Leslie Bowden, for services to the community in Warminster; Francis Bertram Bowles, for services to the community in South Glamorgan.

Mrs Evelyn Boyd, for services to cancer care in Ayrshire; Mrs Eveline Grace Boyd, lately Administrative Officer, Home Office; Robert John Boyd, for services to sport in Lanarkshire; Mrs Muriel Bertha Bradbury, lately Leader, Independent Group, High Peak Borough Council; Miss Linda Brassington, Senior Personal Secretary, Cabinet Office; Mrs Isabella Bremner, for services to young people in Ross and Cromarty; James Eldred Cuthbert Brokenshire, for services to the community in Shropshire; Alexander Brown, for services to the Boys' Brigade; Miss Caroline Dinah Penton Brown, designer, National Portrait Gallery.

David Morgan Hughes, Chief Conservator (Wales), Forestry Commission; Mohammed Hamid Husain, general medical practitioner, Rotherham; Mrs Eileen Isobel Mary Hutton, lately president National Childbirth Trust; Kazuo Ishiguro, writer; Mrs Norma Jean Izard, for services to women's cricket; Christopher Robert Jackson, member, Wales Tourist Board; Malcolm Stuart Jackson, Department of Social Security; Ivan Jacobson, consultant neurosurgeon, Dundee Royal Infirmary, for services to medicine.