This has extended dramatically the volume of items to choose from and puts buyer and seller together with great ease.

There are some websites that specialize in the sale of Mc Coy items, or there are the large auction sites such as e

Although e Bay does have a section specifically for Mc Coy items, it is by no means a guarantee of what you are buying.

As well as producing stoneware items, the company also mined and sold clay to other potteries.

During the depression the company became part of a cooperative that collectively made and sold pottery items.

) hey #2, Concave Shape, Yellow clay, floral decoration., Produced in the mid '30s hey #1, Ball Shape, Honey comb design on heavy pottery., Produced in the late '30s hey #3, Old Milk Can Shape, tall, hand decorated, molded handles, Produced from 1939-1944 hey #4, Bean Pot Shape, 4-quart, open handles, hand decorated., Produced from 1939-1944 hey #5, Bean Pot Shape, 6-pint, open handles, hand decorated., Produced in 1939 hey #6, Tilt Pitcher, cookie jar or beverage pitcher., Produced in 1939 hey #7, Round Ball Shape, 6-pint, molded handles., Produced from 1939-1944 hey #8, Mammy with Cauliflowers, hand decorated, basic white., Produced in 1939 hey #10, Hillbilly Bear, Limited, Produced in the early 1940's hey #15, Hobnail Pattern, round ball shape., Produced in 1940 hey #18, Penguin, Called this in the catalogues., Produced in 1940-43 hey #12, Concave Shape, hand decorated., Produced in 1942 hey #16, Cookie Boy, Hand decorated in plain colors, Produced in 1944 hey #17, Mammy, Originally made with lettering., Produced in 1944-47 hey #19, Clown, Bust hand decorated, Produced in 1945-47 hey #20, Elephant, With split trunk., Produced in 1945 hey #21, Barrel Shape, Shape like Dutch Boy cookie jar, Produced in 1945 hey #22, Bear, Cookie in vest., Produced in 1945.

hey #23, Turkey, Hand decorated in white or brown., Produced in 1945 hey #25, Dutch Girl, round shape., Produced in 1946 hey #26, Dutch Boy/Dutch Girl, barrel shape., Produced in 1946 hey #28, Cylinder, block handles, half circle finial., Produced in 1946-1954 hey #30, Square Jar, hand decorated, Produced in 1947 hey #31, Hexagon Jar, square handles., Produced in 1947 hey #33, Bunch of Bananas, , Produced 1948-52 hey #34, Hobby Horse, hand decorated., Produced from 1948-53 hey #36, Mother Goose, Hand Decorated., Produced 1948-52 hey #20, Apple, Yellow or aqua., Produced in 1950-64 hey #56, Two Kittens in a Basket, Made in 1950's, Produced in 1950's hey #18, Pear, Basic yellow or aqua., Produced 1952-57 hey #38, Owls, Mr. Owl, Produced 1952-55 hey #37, Decorated Honey Bear, On the side of a tree., Produced 1953-55 hey #40, Clown, In barrel., Produced 1953-55 hey #41, Elephant, All of trunk on lid., Produced in 1953 hey #24, Kittens on Ball of Yarn, Three little kittens., Produced 1954-55 hey #50, Indian, First models made for Pontiac Motors, Produced from 1954-56 hey #50, The Original Pontiac Indian, , Produced from 1954 , I think ?

This was disbanded in 1925 when the companies became independent again.

At this time, Mc Coy Pottery extended its facilities and started to widen the range of pottery items it manufactured.

The Mc Coy Pottery Company has a long and interesting history.

The American company was founded in Roseville, Ohio in April 1910.

For instance early Mc Coy pottery echoes the art deco movement of the time, with pottery made in the 1950's and 1960's distinctly reflecting the era.

One of the most famous and collectible Mc Coy Pottery items is the cookie jar and there are many collectors who collect nothing but these. The Indian themed cookie jar is extremely popular, and other cookie jars included clowns, beehives, fruit and animals of all descriptions. As the company was manufacturing pottery for 80 years, a huge number of items were made and many of these exist in good condition today.

There are many websites, publications and organizations that specialize in Mc Coy Pottery.