For several years, Missouri and Kansas farmers feared the Texas Longhorns coming through or entering their states due to a cattle disease called “Texas Fever”.

The longhorn cattle appeared to be perfectly healthy, but Midwestern cattle allowed to mix with them or to use a pasture recently vacated by the longhorns sometimes became ill and often died.

Cattle Trails: The Cattle Trails Cattle Trails of the Prairies The Chisholm Trail – Herding the Cattle The Goodnight-Loving Trail The Shawnee Trail – Driving Longhorns to Missouri More: The Men That Tamed the Cowtowns Wild & Woolly Cowtowns During the Civil War, Texas cattle were no longer allowed to be shipped northward, effectively cutting off the income and much of the economy of the Confederate state of Texas.

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Most prominently was the arrival of the railroad into Texas, but also factoring in, were quarantine laws and homesteaders that closed of much of the open range. By 1890, the state ranked third in the nation in cattle production.

As to the cowtowns themselves, most moved into a quieter existence becoming peaceable agricultural communities.

While many were turned back or severely delayed due to Texas Fever, some drovers diverted their herds around the hostile settlements getting their cattle to market and making large profits.

But the days of cattle blazing the Shawnee Trail were virtually over.

While there were hundreds of herbs and plants used in Native American remedies, one of the most sacred was Tobacco, which was used healing numerous conditions, as well as in rituals and ceremonies.

It was smoked pure and not mixed with any chemicals as it is today.

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Women who are pregnant or nursing, or persons with known medical conditions should consult their physician before taking any herbal products.

They also quickly grew reputations that were described as “wicked, decadent, evil, and lawless.” Between the years of 18, hundreds of thousands of Texas Longhorns were driven to these shipping points.

However, by the mid-1880’s, a number of events ended the cattle drive era in Kansas.

This list includes many herbs used by Native Americans, as well as others that have been found to be beneficial for various ailments throughout history.