At this point, you will see what kind of links you're missing in your link profile.Competitor keyword schema As you can see our domain is well placed in the keyword schema but we're still missing money keywords.

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Highly unnatural anchor text and low-quality links are highly correlated, but anchor text appears to have been the focus.

Link building through redirects should be easy to catch, as new links to a domain that is currently redirecting is hardly natural behavior.

The first quick Overview: Competitor overview At the first sight, we have a quite good chance to outrank our competitors with our LRT Power*Trust.

Before going deeper down the rabbit hole, you know what to do...

After the analysis of our backlink profile with BLP and the niche check with CLA we know quite a lot about what links we will need for our domain: Fine now that we know what we need.....start HUNTING!!!

If you don't know who your competitors are, enter your most common keyword in the 'Find Competing Pages' feature.To anyone watching, it's like shooting up a flare that says, "I'm probably manipulating links." The fact that search engines aren't watching closely right now is no guarantee of future success, so I'd avoid this and similar behavior if future success is a goal.Because they can be legitimate, article links are generally devalued rather than penalized.Photography & Optical Binoculars, Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Film Cameras ...Recreation Experience Days, Dating, Theatre Tickets, Murder Mystery ...Lifestyle & Fashion Aromatherapy, Clothes, Contact Lenses, Cosmetics ...