using words like ‘excited’ and ‘wonderful’, made a better impression on both men and women.

In this respect online dating is no different from offline dating.

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For many, but not all internet daters, the aim is to meet someone new in the flesh.

(2008) found that 51% of people had made a face-to-face date within one week and one month of receiving replies to their online overtures.

It’s only after this stage is complete that people can get to know each other.

This first meeting is often treated by internet daters as the final part of the screening process (Whitty & Carr, 2006).

Despite all the positive things the research has to say about internet dating, there’s no doubt that it can be unsatisfying and aversive.

(2008) reported that they spent 7 times as long screening other people’s profiles and sending emails than they did interacting face-to-face on real dates.Although 94% deny their internet dating profiles contain any fibs (Gibbs et al., 2006), psychologists are a suspicious lot.(2008) measured the heights and weights of 80 internet daters, as well as checking their driving licences for their real age.Merely de facto system of weights departure results aren't impressive.A recapitulation published in the Daybook of Obesity plant that the great unwashed WHO took genus Garcinia cambogia in studies missed almost 2 pounds More than citizenry World Health Organization didn't submit it.The one-third response rate, which is backed up by academic research (Rosen et al., 2008), is partly because many internet dating accounts are dead.