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In 1998 Kyte landed a role in the popular children's show replacing Jay Baruchel, Popular Mechanics for Kids.

The show ended, but is still shown on BBC Kids Canada.

His costars included Elisha Cuthbert and Vanessa Lengies.

His role in PMK landed him a nomination in 2001 at the Geminis, "Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series".

Roles include Goosebumps, Popular Mechanics for Kids, Due South, The Defenders: Payback, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Interstate 60, Darcy's Wild life, and more.

Kyte's first role was in Goosebumps' "Don't Go To Sleep" as Matt Amsterdam, a boy tired of being young who, after sleeping in his attic one night, wakes up in another dimension.

The song is on the Songs From Instant Star Three soundtrack, along with two songs that were performed by Johnson on the show.

Due to Johnson's management at the time, they were not put on the soundtrack.

Jonathan Tyler "Ty" Kyte (born July 24, 1984 in Lindsay, Ontario) is a Canadian actor and musician.