Elvenhome is an archive of those games that have played to completion.

Please read and enjoy them, using them as an example for future adventures.

(Isaac Brewster) by Stratemeyer, Edward by Boehm, H.

aldating powered by vbulletin-33

It is surprising to me though that in 1968 a masonic date would be put on a public building.

I've seen it on other buildings before, the locations escape me.

by Kingston, William Henry Giles by Kirn, Francis by Mc Clintock, Marshall by Ward, Adolphus William, Sir by Kitton, Frederic George by Hughes, James L.

by Macedo, Henrique de by Verne, Jules by Grazebrook, George by Calderón, Sofronio G.

Cubitt (William Cubitt) by Lever, Charles James by Buchan, John by Newbolt, Henry John, Sir by Fitzgerald, Percy Hetherington by Addison, Joseph by Steele, Richard, Sir by Kipling, Rudyard by Kipling, Rudyard by Thomas, Cyrus by Beecham, Tom by Repp, Ed Earl by Oxenford, John by Browning, Robert by Flint, W.

(Henry Benjamin) by Braybrooke, Richard Griffin, Baron by Bright, Mynors by Pepys, Samuel by Wheatley, Henry B.Eastern Wales and the adjoining area of what became England was the homeland of the usurper, Vortigern, and here his sons continued to hold sway.(Lathan Augustus) by Rhead, Louis by Maclaren, Ian by Aguilar, Grace by Doré, Gustave by Hood, Tom by Quatrelles by Van Dyke, Henry by Simpson, A.(Milburg Francisco) by Dickens, Charles by Smith, Jessie Willcox by Dickens, Charles by Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman by Patterson, Virginia Sharpe by Dick & Fitzgerald by Garis, Howard Roger by Garis, Howard Roger by Garis, Howard Roger by Garis, Howard Roger by Garis, Howard Roger by Garis, Howard Roger by Otis, James by Dimock, A.(Margaret) by Choate, Florence by Curtis, Elizabeth by Lamprey, Louise by Cooke, W.(Charles Sumner) by Albertazzi, Adolfo by Gisbert, Mateo by Gisbert, Mateo by Amorim, Francisco Gomes de by Calderón, Sofronio G.