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This moundbuilding culture, part of the Copena mortuary complex, spread southwards to Tennessee and then to Alabama.

Florence's mound is an earthen four-sided structure with a base measuring 310 by 230 feet and a summit that rises 43 feet and measures approximately 145 by 95 feet on top.

Non-Indian settlers arriving in the area of present-day Florence in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries also mentioned two smaller mounds nearby.

These smaller mounds likely did not stand more than 25 feet tall.

The following year, the University of Alabama conducted another excavation, this time on the slope near the top of the mound.

This excavation revealed some important information about the mound's construction.

In 1968, the city of Florence established the Indian Mound Museum adjacent to the site to exhibit artifacts recovered during archaeological excavations of the mound.

The museum closed in March 2015 and was replaced with a much larger facility in 2017.

Prior to these excavations, many scholars believed that the mound dated to the later Mississippian period (1000 to 1550).