That means Wryn's sister could not be tested to see if she was a match.

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The condition is characterized by low protein levels, high cholesterol and swelling, and eventually progresses to the point where kidney function shuts down entirely.

'Kidneys are supposed to flush toxins out of the body,' Michael explained.

Carol Graydon, pictured far left, was able to save her two-year-old granddaughter Wryn (pictured left just after the transplant, and right a few months before it) when she found out she would be able to donate a kidney to her Wryn was diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome when, at two months old, she got inexplicably sick.

Initially doctors assumed she had a cold, gave her medicine, and sent her on her way.

'Instead, they were flushing out anything good, so she wasn't holding onto any nutrients or water.' It is genetic, but because it's so rare it's very likely someone would not know they were a carrier.

In Wryn's case, both of her parents were carriers of the recessive gene, but neither knew.

When she turned one, she could be put on the donor list, though she still wasn't old or strong enough to receive a new kidney.'The list is long, and it made more sense to try to do it within the family, so we all had to decide who would get tested first,' he said.

Normally children in need of a transplant are best suited to receive a child-sized kidney.

But her parents said something still seemed off.'We thought maybe she had an ear infection.

We weren't sure because there were no major symptoms but something just didn't feel right,' Michael Graydon told Daily Mail Online.

But she has been on on 11 hours of dialysis a day for the last 20 or so months,' Michael explained.