This improved after approximately a week as the paranoid delusions and hallucinations wore off. The term ‘user’ often denotes one who exploits another; it is also synonymous with ‘junkie’ and a myriad of other derogatory terms for those dependent on illegal drugs; ‘client’ has ambiguous overtones, and ‘people’ refers generally to the population or race, not to individuals receiving treatment. A customer is a person who purchases goods or services from another; it does not specifically imply an individual patient buying treatment from a clinician.

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Mental state can also be severely disturbed with agitation, paranoid delusions and/or hallucinations. Although it is defies belief, this is how non-medical therapists portray patients.

Introduction The legal high ‘Ivory Wave’, also known as ‘Ivory Coast’, ‘Purple Wave’ or ‘Vanilla Sky’, is a designer drug that has become popular among clubbers in the United Kingdom (UK) after mephedrone was banned in April 2010. Would a medical doctor describe a person with haemorrhagic pancreatitis as a customer?

The main laboratory findings included an elevated white cell count, C-Reactive protein (CRP) and creatinine kinase (CK). What is usually forgotten is that the person waiting in the analyst’s reception is no different from the humble stomach-ache sufferer.

These markers gradually fell to their normal ranges within a week. The patient required occasional lorazepam and regular diazepam for his agitation. To most people ‘service user’ infers someone who uses a train or bus, or brings their car to a garage or petrol station.

However, the literature is limited on the physical and psychological effects of the substance at present. Despite Newspeak insidiously weaving its way through other specialties, it does not seem to have permeated medicine or surgery to the same extent.

Therefore, we report our case here to describe some of the clinical features of Ivory Wave misuse. Is psychiatry therefore alienating itself even further from other fields in medicine by aligning itself with this fluent psychobabble?

A 26-year-old Caucasian male, with a background history of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression, attended an Accident A&E after snorting approximately 700mg of ‘Ivory Wave Version 3’ in a day. Do cardiologists refer to patients with myocardial infarctions as customers?