You can use this document to help policy-makers understand the value of home visiting and your role Value of PD Talking Points – Professional development helps family support professionals feel more confident and competent in their roles.

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The whole day is spent doing this, at the end of the day they report back to ‘home base’ and the supervisor – it can be done with small groups because it is more fun than going by yourself. You could choose places such as WIC, the county, Salvation Army, housing, a food pantry.

And maybe throw in a couple ‘fun things’ too – lunch at a park that would have a great playground for kids or music during the summer over lunch hour.

For a sample of information on local scholarships, you can browse through our library of scholarship resources by state, simply by clicking on the links below.

Just because marijuana has been legalized in some states, doesn't mean that it has become legal at colleges in those states.

These are a must for supervisor if your program is using any of these tools.

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If you have resources that you would like us to post and share with other home visiting and family support professionals, please send those to [email protected]

Non Profit Quarterly / Instructional Advocacy 101 for Family Support Professionals Talking Points HV Talking Point – Home visitors can advocate for their roles and their programs as concerned citizens, during their own private time.

Colleges could face a huge penalty if they are caught infringing on the law.

[...] 'Oh what fun it is to win scholarships to help pay for college!

It is a fun way for staff to get experience with resources – before taking a family there.