"For example—a lot of this is still early days, so a lot of this is still open to change and everything—but when we look at our combat system, we’re [asking], 'what about traditional top-down Zelda-style gameplay? How can we refine that, how can we bring that forwards?'" Like Wargroove, Chucklefish is looking to modernise rather than just borrow.I think the biggest thing we learned from Stardew Valley is that there’s an inherent value in [having] a game world that’s just charming to be in.

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But ultimately you’re not going to have a horrific time, and it’s going to work out in the end—and you’re a wizard right? ""It’s very young adult literature in a lot of ways," says Baylis.

"We’re taking that idealised heroism away from you and you’re just another awkward teenager at a school of awkward teenagers.""I think it’s worth pointing out that we’re, in general, not just out of coincidence, a young company," says Brice.

"This project is really a culmination of what we do, in bringing games forward and addressing lots of them in one project," Brice explains.

"That said, while visually it’s drawing on a lot of games of yesterday, it’s very unique.

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Last time we covered this game it got an enormous response, so I thought readers might enjoy these insights on the game's dating system, combat and influences.

During the interview, the staff referred to this project as 'Spellbound', a working title that's been doing the rounds for a while now, so that's how I'll refer to the game here.

You might get a few hard knocks.""We want people to say, 'oh, this is too real.

I play this game for escapism and I feel like an awkward teenager going to school again! "I think it’s more fun when suddenly you’re caught off-guard and you thought you were living an idealised life and these characters have their own independence.""Yeah, I think that’s key," Brice adds.

It’s very us." When it comes to world building, Brice says the game is pretty far along.