For parents, this creates a tricky situation: How can you keep track of your kids' online activity when you don't even know what sites they're using and it's hard to keep up with all the startup apps that roll out?Here are eight scary social networking sites your teen or tween may be using: It is important for parents to talk openly with their kids about these apps and the risks they carry.

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When Charlie Hillhouse was 2 1/2, his “Gaga” gave him a cooking lesson.

They both wore chef hats, poured and mixed corn muffin batter, then popped baking trays into the oven. Afterwards, he turned to his mother, Alison Hillhouse, vice president of youth culture and trends at MTV. ” Hillhouse handed him her i Phone, Charlie waved “bye-bye” to his grandmother and they ended their Face Time cooking lesson call.

This may be easy to understand, since the study found that 70% of teens have been friended on Facebook by their parents.

According to a recent study by Piper Jaffray, "the popularity of Facebook is waning among teens with 23% citing it as the most important, down from 33% six months ago and 42% a year ago." As more parents embrace Facebook, they're driving teens and tweens away as they look for other, more secretive venues that won't be subjected to the same level of parental scrutiny.

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One of the most interesting things is that they’re extremely self-aware, in a way our generation never was.

They wonder what life was like before they checked their phone all day. Deborah Lynn Blumberg is a former Wall Street Journal reporter and now freelances full-time, specializing in business.

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