"The Clarke County Sheriff's Department responded to a house fire, and the homeowner realized there were items missing from the outside of the house.

With this information, we were able to identify a male and female that lived near the home that was burglarized.

The female was arrested, and the male fled to Madison, Wisconsin.

When I checked with the Music Department, they discovered they were missing the three tubas. The tubas were recovered and the student confessed.

As a result of the recovery of the camera and $9000 of University property, I was able to get Leads Online in our budget. " "Jiyeon Min's $30,000 violin, along with a pair of $5,000 bows, went missing before her final scheduled performance as a student at the Shepherd School of Music Presidential Concert at Stude Hall. Gary Spears picked up the case and knew where to look first. I gave it a whirl and searched for all violins with that brand name pawned in Texas and Louisiana over the weekend.

The computers were stolen here in Illinois and subsequently located in three separate pawn shops in northwest Indiana.

The location of these laptops ties in a major part of the investigation to where we could upgrade the charges to a higher class of felony." "I got a one month free trial of Leads Online and ran all the serial numbers of stolen items over the past year. After the arrest of the person who pawned the camera, I traced it back to a custodian at the University who had been working in the area of the theft.

Leads Online provided THREE suspects who sold these items showing the item, serial number, date and time of transaction, complete description to include a driver's license and actual photograph of the exchange; all of which is imperative to a criminal prosecution.

Based upon this lead, I drove to the residence of one of the suspects and confronted him regarding the i Pads.

Philip's College and sold at a local business within an hour of the theft depicting the name and identification of the person selling the item.

The battery charger was recovered and returned to the owner and a criminal case filed against the suspect.

Due to the large volume of i Pads taken in the burglary, and based upon Leads Online revealing all persons who were involved in the sale of the stolen i Pads, I am able to obtain enough evidence to file an "Organized Crime" case, which enhances the charges from a 3rd degree felony, to a 2nd degree felony." "In April I was advised of a missing laptop from a student on campus.