You have no girlfriend and you live in a small apartment on the bad side of town.To make things worse, you've just been threatened with a firing if you aren't able to make more sales within the next 30 days. As you arrive at your apartment door a weird looking woman bumps into you and you experience all manner of images running through your mind." (Guys, thank you so much) their names you can find in a "Credits" and "Thanks". To open Victor you need to "help" him at least once.

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To open Don you need meet Nina first Download Insexsity_team Version 0.265 [XXX Games] 2017.part1from (400 MB) Download Insexsity_team Version 0.265 [XXX Games] 2017.part2from (245.76 MB) Download or WATCH ONLINE - 400.0 MB Download or WATCH ONLINE - 245.8 MB Draga Mind over Matter v0.5 [XXX Games] 2017 Adult PC Game Updated date: 04, December, 2017 Porn Game, draga, mind control, corruption, mental changes, body changes, domination, straight, lesbian, group, other 84 MB What's it about?

Mind over Matter is a game about a guy (or a girl) who obtains special powers and tries to use them to corrupt, control and transform others for his advantage.

As usual, you get yourself ready for work and leave your apartment when you see your hot neighbour getting inside her car. Can't he see that I don't want anything to do with him? It sounded like your neighbour's voice but she didn't say anything? v0.5 -Over 50 new renders -Two meetable clients (the first is available from the start and the second has to get unlocked later on, check your emails!

) -You can now visit your neighbour (and put her in her place) -Once you reach day 30 and 100% work progress the game gets into 'sandbox' mode and you can keep playing (more story different endings coming in v1.0) -Some new random events -Some bugfixes Download Draga Mind over Matter v0.5 [XXX Games] 2017from (86.70 MB) Download or WATCH ONLINE - 86.7 MB Lawyer by Trade Version 1.0 (Adult Junkie) [XXX Games] 2017 Adult PC Game Updated date: 04, December, 2017 Porn Game, adultjunkie, renpy, adult, nudity 147.99 MB Overview: Lawyer By Trade is a Visual Novel created by me. Its a story about a man starting his first job as a lawyer without previous work experience.

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So, it's about 2 years from the idea to the first build here on Patreon. Searching for a talented people it's so interesting, no jokes. We hope you'll like the new version, recommend you to see all the changes on our website: Insexsity game. There might be some bugs, game is becoming bigger and it's hard to test it in all directions, but we tried If you find bugs - write to us.