Give these students an accessible space and regular responsibilities to keep it organized.

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For instance, if practicing an academic skill, allow students to toss or kick a ball to take turns answering questions.

A student with Cerebral Palsy could receive and pass a ball to a close peer to the extent of his or her ability.

FAPE ensures that children with disabilities receive appropriate instruction based on their individual needs.

This provides children with access to mainstream education as well as the ability to develop self-sufficiency and social skills.

While the symptoms of cerebral palsy may vary, students will benefit from activities that strengthen their fine and gross motor skills.

Making organization a game and part of a daily routine will help students with Cerebral Palsy can build motor skills.

A child with cerebral palsy would be accompanied by a teacher’s aide or counselor instead of being taken out of the classroom and excluded from the group.

Children would still have access to self-contained classrooms and one-on-one help when needed for specific lessons or testing.

However, the one major disadvantage to full inclusion within public schooling is that a student with CP may not receive the help or attention they need in the classroom due to teachers being insufficiently trained or preoccupied with other students.