While on previous visits I’ve spent the first part of my sentence isolated in a cell, this time I was placed in a corridor so that every time one of the Wardens walked past I could be slapped, struck or otherwise tormented – a real treat for this regular offender.

Over the course of the afternoon I received several challenging whippings or canings from punisher-in-chief Mistress Absolute, including an intense session with a single tail.

In fact I had only one period in the relative safety and comfort of a (somewhat chilly) cell, being otherwise moved backwards and forwards for punishment.

All testimonials have been included as received, and are from legitimate party attendees (which can also be proven).

If you have attended a party and wish to submit a testimonial, please send yours to “I’m going to be quite honest and say that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Beautifully Destroyed party.

Mutual respect is the key word here, even though it was very clear who was in control.

Goddess Cleo also kept a watchful eye over proceedings, as well as engaging in some delightful play, and took great pleasure in the assembled gentlemen’s spaced-out expressions.

I can now attest those fears were unfounded, however the fears of delightfully terrible things happening to me were totally justified… Mistress Absolute greeted me cheerfully, and reassuringly.

I then met the Fo Xtress who after an equally friendly hello ordered me to strip naked and put my clothes in a neat pile. In the application form I had mentioned my satin fetish, so was thrilled when Mistress Absolute produced a whole bag of satin ties.

I felt free to explore things I might never have tried, in a way I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.