I think Dr Pichet is a very good surgeon, & I would recommend his services to anyone.

There is a lot of bad press in Australia right now, in regards with Australians going to Thailand for surgery.

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Dr Pichet is an amazing surgeon & I recommend his services to anyone.

Please don’t hesitate to travel to see him for your surgery. Please ask Dr for my email address if you would like to to contact me directly. I can’t believe it’s 3 months since I was in Bangkok.time has just flown by.

Having my breast augmentation not only ‘completed’ me physically but has given me a new found confidence and strength of purpose.

I know you must have 100’s of patients who are delighted with your service but I can tell you one thing for certain-none could be happier than this one.

The main reason for writing is to say a huge thank you, not only for changing my life but for the simply fantastic service you provided for me and Marc.

We will never forget your courtesy, kindness and wonderful sense of fun and laughter.It is just hard to motivate yourself to do it, as being in bed is nice, but walking when it is time to walk is extremely important and necessary.If you have to walk and cry, walk and eat, walk and talk on a phone, no matter what, get it done.Glad he did not have tapes of the calls I made to him at very strange hours of the day and night.His beautiful wife is also so very patient and understanding.Much love and thanks, Chrissy xxx PS I hope you like the photos. Pichet can testify) I looked at surgeons all over the world and was in constant contact with Dr.