The Public Service Commission will also monitor the application of this policy as part of its overall active monitoring of the federal Public Service staffing system.

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Employees (employés) -- includes full-time, part-time, casual, seasonal, term and indeterminate employees.

Employment and employment-related opportunities (chances d'emploi et les possibilités liées à l'emploi) -- includes appointments, promotions, deployments, secondments, assignments, training and career development opportunities.

Information may also be obtained from the Treasury Board Secretariat Employment Equity Division's Web site at the following address:

id=12543 or from the PSC Web site at These guidelines are not intended to be exhaustive, but offer some suggestions on how to interpret and implement this policy.

Examples of types of disabilities that may require accommodation are listed in the attached Guidelines.

Staffing and selection processes (processus de dotation et de sélection) -- include open, closed or without competition staffing actions that result in a permanent or temporary appointment or deployment.

Access to Information Act Canada Labour Code, Part II Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Canadian Human Rights Act Employment Equity Act and Regulations Financial Administration Act Official Languages Act Privacy Act Public Service Employment Act and Regulations Public Service Staff Relations Act Communications Policy Disability Insurance Plan for Public Service Employees Personnel Psychology Centre Guidelines for Assessment of Persons with Disabilities Policy on Alternate Formats Policy on Language Training Policy on the Disposal of Surplus Moveable Crown Assets Policy on the Staffing of Bilingual Positions Public Service Commission's Standards for Selection and Assessment Public Service Management Insurance Plan (Long-Term Disability) Real Property Accessibility Policy Enquiries should be directed to human resource or employment equity personnel in your department or agency.

They may review questions of policy interpretation or clarification with the Employment Equity Division of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat or with the Public Service Commission.

It is the policy of the Treasury Board and the Public Service Commission to create and maintain an inclusive, barrier-free environment in the federal Public Service to ensure the full participation of persons with disabilities.

This policy is to be implemented by: In this policy: Accommodation/accommodate (adaptation/adapter) -- refers to the design and adaptation of the work environment to the needs of as many types of persons as possible and, according to the Supreme Court of Canada, refers to what is required in the circumstances of each case to avoid discrimination.

Staffing and selection processes encompass all related activities such as establishing qualifications, advertising, assessment, giving notice that an appointment or deployment has been made, recourse and disclosure, as well as any related communications with candidates.