Reply I work at a government agency with about 3,000 people.Recently our lunch was cut to 30 minutes making it impossible to go out for lunch. We were so excited to be able to order from Panera.

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We are aware of situations similar to those being reported, so I know it is not unheard of.

We are posting our comments here, because the email form on the Panera website only allows 500 characters, and with that I just get started!

I thought your store was supposed to make it right and give you a dessert too.

We also will not ever eat at a Panera again unless I receive an apology, a bowl of soup and a bear claw, my favorite sweet there.

A shame, because this unfortunately reflects badly on the well run Paneras in other places.

Reply Unlike many of the comments on this site, we have not given up on Panera.

The first time we ordered, we put our building’s address in and it said delivery was not available.

So I called because it said on the web site within 8 miles.

The company is the largest provider of free Wi Fi service in the country. In 2010, the company moved its headquarters to the Sunset Hills area of St. In 2011, the company had .7 billion in revenue and almost 50,000 employees.