Status Bar = Format(fraction Done, "0%") & "done..." ' or, alternatively: ' status Range.value = Format(fraction Done, "0%") & "done..." ' Some code.......

Next i Sub Progress Meter() Dim boo Status Bar State As Boolean Dim i Max As Integer Dim i As Integer i Max = 10000 Application.

Status Bar = False ''//Return control of the Status bar to Excel Application.

This sometimes causes Excel’s application window to become totally unresponsive.

The way out of this frozen state is simple: Go back to the VBE, and execute the following statement in the Immediate window: If you have a worksheet with many complex formulas, you may find that you can speed things considerably by setting the calculation mode to manual while your macro is executing.

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Z̃Rs[&l̓\ti Paste Specialjb Excel}NVBA6.萔ƌ^錾i Constjb Excel}NVBA7.}NĉHVBAĉHb Excel}NVBA8.

Excel executes the default operation for these types of messages.

In the case of deleting a sheet, the default operation is Delete.

Display Status Bar = True ''//Make sure that the statusbar is visible For i = 1 To i Max ''// imax is usually 30 or so fraction Done = CDbl(i) / CDbl(i Max) Application.

Status Bar = Format(fraction Done, "0%") & " done..." ''// or, alternatively: ''// status Range.value = Format(fraction Done, "0%") & " done..." ''// Some code....... Display Status Bar = boo Status Bar State ''//Reset Status bar display setting Application.

It's just an idea for you to try, and its effectiveness is pretty dependent on your sheet and calculations.