In the Holy Bible the term heaven denotes, in the first place, the blue firmament, or the region of the clouds that pass along the sky.

Genesis , speaks of the birds "under the firmament of heaven".

For the surroundings in the midst of which the blessed have their dwelling must be in accordance with their happy state; and the internal union of charity which joins them in affection must find its outward expression in community of habitation.

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Heaven also is the abode of the angels ; for they are constantly with God and see His face.

With God in heaven are likewise the souls of the just ( 2 Corinthians 5:1 ; Matthew 5:3, 12 ). , we are told that Christ conducted to heaven the patriarchs who had been in limbo ( limbus patrum ).

In other passages it denotes the region of the stars that shine in the sky.

Furthermore heaven is spoken of as the dwelling of God ; for, although God is omnipresent, He manifests Himself in a special manner in the light and grandeur of the firmament.

hevan and himil , originally himin ) corresponds to the Gothic himin-s .

Others, however think it is connected with the Germanic himin .But, for the rest, if we abstract from the specific quality and the supernatural character of heaven, the doctrine has never met with any opposition worthy of note.Even mere reason can prove the existence of heaven or of the happy state of the just in the next life.For, according to the advocates of this opinion, the spatial distances of this world must no longer impede the mutual intercourse of blessed.In general, however, theologians deem more appropriate that there should be a special and glorious abode, in which the blessed have their peculiar home and where they usually abide, even though they be free to go about in this world.In Holy Scripture it is called: The Location of Heaven Where is heaven, the dwelling of God and the blessed?