You spend three minutes finding out about your "date." Or telling them about yourself.

We put you in a group of ten, each of you starts at a different station. As a thank you, your "date" will offer you a discount or special offer (these offers are given only to people who go through Speed Dating.) At the end of a thirty minute (approx) circuit, we bring in the next group of ten.

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Everyone participated just once, and all students were promised the contact information of anyone they matched with.

The daters wore audio recorders during their four-minute interviews (so no lewd comments, please! In the end, researchers ended up accumulating transcripts of 1,100 dates.

Still, the researchers’ findings aren’t meant to be rules for how to interact on a first date.

Instead, they’re observations about the factors that contribute to romantic chemistry.

Arrange these five routines throughout a seven- or 10-day training regimen so you can sufficiently recover and ward off injury. Then, complete a few dynamic mobility drills: Heel walks, knee hugs, quad tugs, lunges, butt kicks, etc.

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According to their findings, there are a few key elements of the standard four-minute speed date that consistently predict whether two people will hit it off or head for the hills — even outside of the speed-dating arena.

Some of the results are a no-brainer (women like men who are interested in them), while others are less intuitive (who knew asking too many questions was a faux pas? Researchers recruited graduate students from an “elite private American university” to take part in a series of speed dating sessions in 2005.

*Speed Endurance Distance: 200 meter or 30-second efforts Reps: 8 to 12 Pace: 95 percent of a single max effort.

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