Is the father of your child aware of her correspondence with a convicted and incarcerated murderer?

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And it makes me wonder, yet again – why can’t we try design ideas like this on computers, too, especially as they begin to ship with touch support?

One potential competitor: Multi Track, currently available for the i Phone, is coming to i Pad on April 20.

One big upside, though: because it supports Audio Paste, which allows transfer of sound from other apps, you could use Wire Works as your mobile “DAW” for pasting together bits produced in other (supported) i Pad apps.

Here’s a video: done, had they created a Garage Band or Logic app for the device.

I'm engaged to marry a convicted felon with a 2nd degree murder charge.

He's still incarcerated and will be released in 12 months.

Even though the device won’t be in consumers’ hands until the weekend, I’ve managed to compile a list of what’s coming, with the kind assistance of the best mobile music blog out there, Palm Sounds.

Talking to developers reveals some news you likely expect – many (though certainly not all) i Phone developers plan to port their tools to the i Pad.

He's not a serial killer and definitely isn't a danger to children.