I've been the older mentor for many of my nieces and nephews and most people would think our subject matters are innapropriate. What message are they sending with those attitudes?Parents will always have a different view about their children. And men wonder how women turn into princesses....."you're not good enough for my daughter".

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I would warn my son that other people may see him as a criminal for doing this and ask him to really ensure the young ladies parents are OK with the situation, because they could make things hard on him.

Once he was armed with this information, and assuning he is the adult in the situation, all I can do is hope he chooses wisely.

Grown men who would kill males for deflowering thier little girls, wanting other mens daughters to be a dirty girl in bed..of mixed signals.

Grown men who want home dates without ever meeting, yet they would be very upset if thier daughter wentto a strasngers home (male).

We also tend to have a rather idyllic vision of how marriages used to go.

The truth is that not everyone ended up blissfully happy after 30 years of marriage.

I dont think sexual tensions between the sexes will go away, until all young ladies are given the same pat on the back for sexual conquests as the sons get.

As long as young ladies are made to feel they need protection of thier 'sex', this will always be an issue.

I was warned that men only want one thing from me..careful..."men are dogs, I should know, I am one"....